Key Facts:

Started bellydancing: 1998

Started performing: 2000

Started teaching: 2008

Currently lives: UK

Eleanor loves Egyptian dance, it is her passion and her life.  She has enjoyed great success choreographing for the London West End, performing in the Edinburgh fringe, and setting up her own dance communities in London and Norfolk.  

She is highly creative and designs and makes dance costumes, choreographs solos and troupe dances, and develops learning materials, classes, and workshops.

As a truly dedicated fanatic, Eleanor continues her professional development with regular trips to Cairo, the heart of Oriental dance....


Eleanor first discovered bellydance in Ireland with teacher, Vawn O'Neil. She then moved to the UK and trained under Lorna of Cairo.

As regularly as possible Eleanor travels to Egypt, where dance is a living, breathing, part of culture and life. She seeks master teachers to advance her art, and also visits the best clubs to see the stars of Cairo including Sahar, Aziza, and Soraia. In Egypt, Eleanor has studied 

Egyptian folk dance under Ibrahin El Suezi, Regaey Hussin, Hassaan Saber, and Ashraf Kodak.

Oriental dance under Randa Kamel, Aida Nour, Tito, and Dandash. 

When you choose Eleanor Bellydances you get love and experience poured into excellent tuition, creative choreographies, and exceptional quality of Egyptian dance!

Special thanks to those who support my journey: friends and family, fellow dancers, and of course all the wonderful photographers, both amateur and professional, who have taken so many lovely photographs.

Amateur: Tracie Robinson, Saanya Sequeira, Linda Saunders, and Alex Krause.

Professional: Chris Kirby (Documentary photographer: website), Heritage Snapper (Community photographer: Facebook), Gareth Hawker (Portrait painter: website), ThreePhase (Conference photographer: Facebook), Alan Long (Event Photographer: Website).

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