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Workshops are developed by Eleanor using knowledge and experience from her own dance practice, and her continual search for personal development. Content is drawn from her learnings in Egypt, and master classes in the UK, blended with her own knowledge and pedagogy. Excellent teaching comes as standard!

Technique and precision

A coupled set of two workshops

Workshop 1: Isolations

Based loosely on a masterclass with superb dancer, Sadie, and tips gathered in private lessons with Egyptian teachers in Cairo, this workshop focuses on posture, poise, and core strength for precise and clean isolations.


Workshop 2: Drum solo

Learn Egyptian Rhythms with this fantastic little drum solo. First we learn each rhythm in the piece, its beat and name, then learn some combos for each (taken from trainings at master classes in Cairo). Finally the combos are combined into a funky little drum solo. 

Drills and drums

A coupled set of two workshops

Workshop 1: Rhythms

Do you know your Egyptian rhythms? Do you know some good drills to go with them? In this workshop we move through a number of Egyptian rhythms, learning the beats and feel of each, and then learning a drill that captures the flavour of that rhythm. Drills are loosely based on elements gained from Randa Kamel's intensives in Cairo. 


Workshop 2: Drum solo

Quickly pick up this fantastic little drum solo by identifying the rhythms and using the drills from above to set the base, then we add in all the flourishes and work on your stage face and personality! ​

Arms and Improvisation

A workshop inspired by the Golden Era focusing on effortless, well placed, beautiful arms.

All dancing in this workshop is improvised, with supporting tips to keep you flowing. The main focus will be on the arms and we develop them by: 

  • Watching and reviewing Golden Era video clips to identify signature arm movements and positions

  • Breaking down the moves and positions

  • Stretching and positioning for best arm work

  • Incorporating the arms over body improvisation to create the Golden Era look and flow.

  • Creating that lovely flowing improvised style!

All about Egypt

How long does this workshop take... how long is a piece of string?! 

There is so much to learn to be true to bellydance and its roots. This workshop gives a taster to help you understand how the dance developed, where moves come from, their context, and use.

The workshop uses story, video, discussion, and movement to cover each of the following areas: 

  • Golden Era

  • Shaabi (old and new)

  • Baladi

  • Saidi

  • Simsimiyya

  • Malaya

  • Mis en scene

  • Current Cairo dancing trends

There is a lot of love and work behind this workshop, many of the videos used are clips personally taken, and all other clips have been carefully selected. In each section you will learn either combos or small choreos to showcase the style. 

Return from Egypt

Workshops based on choreographies Eleanor learnt in Cairo. They have been gently adapted to her own style and teaching so they can be shared with care and honesty.

Note: Dances cannot be exact replicas of the originals, as only the owner can do his or her creation true justice, however they have been worked on with all care and diligence to try and honestly represent the owners choreography and concepts to bring you back a true Egyptian flavour. 

Workshops currently available: 

  • Shaabi by Nada El Masryia

  • Nubian dance by Ashraf Kodak

  • Drum Solo by Yasmina of Cairo


A workshop for those who want to choreograph their own dances

Learn different choreography techniques and their application, includes:

Designing your piece as a whole: 

  • Musicality

  • Sectioning

  • Storyboarding

Developing the detail:​

  • Small section choreography

  • Combo design

  • Flow and surprise

  • Pattern changes (if more than one dancer)


  • Positioning

  • Spacing

  • Interaction (if more than one dancer)

  • Personality

Eleanor also delivers fun workshops for parties, events and hens. This is a great chance to have a giggle, dress up, shake off any stress, and get ready to have a great time!! Music, hip belts, and veils, are all provided, you just need to bring a willing group!

See the occasions page for full details: CLICK HERE

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